French Pink Clay Mask


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Enriched with natural minerals, botanical oils, fruit extracts, antioxidants, plus Hyaluronic Acid, this luxurious high-performance french pink clay mask lifts away impurities and absorbs excess oil while hydrating, brightening and revitalizing the skin for a fresh, clear and healthy complexion. No more over-drying and tight afterfeel.

– This gentle clay mask will not become hard, so it doesn’t dry out or irritate your skin, and it is easy to remove.
– Suitable for all skin types. (also for sensitive skin)
– Pale pink colour derived from natural french pink clay.
– Cruelty-free + vegan.

What does it do:

French Pink Clay* & Kaolin gently cleanse and draw out excess oil, dirt and impurities while leaving skin a smooth refreshed appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid acts as a moisture magnet to hydrates skin, delivering a plumping effect and smoothing out fine lines.

With perfect emollients in plant oils including Apricot, Coconut, Sunflower, & Olive soothe and soften skin while nourishing within.
Cranberry, Strawberry and Melon extracts contain natural source of AHA to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Vitamins and antioxidants in these multi-fruit extracts enhance the clarity of the complexion, leaving any signs of dullness behind.

*French Pink Clay is the most gentle of all the clays. It works effectively and gently

Scent: A citrus blend with fresh and clean notes.

Good to know: Colour and scent of each batch may vary slightly due to natural ingredients.


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