Lychee Fruit Tea DIY Kit


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Our Lychee Fruit Tea DIY Kit come with all the wonderful premium goodies from Taiwan that you need to make your favourite Cup of Bubble Tea at home.

Lychee is a juicy summer fruit and is known as the queen of fruits due to it being packed with abundance of nutrients. You can enjoy the summer feeling all year around by making yourself an icy cold Lychee fruit tea.

Lychee syrup mixes well with all kind of tea such as Peach Oolong Tea Bag.

Add 40ml or as much as you want so that your Bubble Tea is exactly the way you like it. You will never need to leave home to enjoy your daily dose of Bubble Tea Again!!

8 servings pack includes:

320mL Lychee Fruit Syrup
8 Premium Tea Bags of Choice
320mL Sugar Cane Syrup

1. Brew the Tea bag into 200ml boiled water and rest for 5-10 mins (depends on personal preference).
2. Add in 3-4 tbsp Lychee Fruit Syrup and Sugar Cane Syrup (optional) to your desired sweetness. Stir until dissolved.
3. Place half a glass of ice into a serving glass.
4. Pour in the Fruit Tea Mixture
5. Bonus Step: Add in your favourite topping


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