Period & PMS Support


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Bye, Bloating & PMS
Perfect for real humans with mood swings, bloating, bad cramps and PMS. Take it just when you need to. Before your period for mood swings, or during your period for bloating and cramps.

We Used To!
We totally get it. Our founders (Cath and Lar) have endometriosis, but suffered from pelvic pain, cramps, and extreme bloating that nothing seemed to help. Semaine was started with PMS & Period Support because they were looking for a way to feel better on their periods (and about their periods) as well as know they were supporting their bodies rather than taking something that was hard on their stomachs or livers.

If you experience intense periods every cycle, take 2 pills up to 4 times a day just when you need it. For best results, we suggest starting when you feel your first PMS symptoms start (so up to a week or two before you start bleeding) and continue until your symptoms are gone.


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