Thai Red Milk Tea DIY Kit


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Our Thai milk tea DIY kits come with all the wonderful premium goodies from Taiwan that you need to make your favourite Cup of Bubble Tea at home.

Do you know Thai Bubble Milk Tea is one of the most beloved Bubble Teas? That is because of the uniqueness of its bitter but sweet flavour (yes, it sounds contradictory but that is why people love it).

Add 40g or as much as you want so that your Bubble Tea is exactly the way you like it. You will never need to leave home to enjoy your daily dose of Bubble Tea Again! Never tried it? It’s time to get one from us.

8 servings pack includes:
– 320mL Thai Red Milk Powder Mix
– 320ml Non-dairy Creamer
– Dual (2 pcs) Reusable Bubble Straws in gift bags

(1) Add the Thai Red Milk Powder Mix into 150ml of hot water and stir until dissolved.
(2) For 600ml bubble milk tea, add 30g (about 3tbsp) creamer and sugar syrup (optional) to your desired creaminess and sweetness.
(3) Add half cup of ice and top up with water to serve.


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